hello everyone and welcome to my travel blog!

my name is lisa, i’m 20 years old and from vienna, austria. i love traveling more than anything, i’m constantly wanderlusting and i’m the happiest when i’m exploring new cities and countries.

how my blog got its name: during our vacation in méxico, my travel buddies and i were constantly called “barbies” by the locals. at first i didn’t like it because it felt like an insult but after finding out about the origin and meaning of the name i fell in love with it. and so travel barbie was born.

travel barbie
[tra-vel bar-bie] noun.
greek “barbaros” – foreign, traveler from a foreign land
a young woman who loves to wander and explore the world

i hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired to travel and explore the world by my posts and pictures!

xx Lisa

PS: visit my (german) blog about my high school exchange to the usa here.