okay, let’s start this slightly different blogpost with a quote:

“when you’re born, your body is a blank canvas, but as you live your life and accumulate scars, piercings, and tattoos you start painting a picture.”
– unknown

i am a huge fan of tiny, minimalistic tattoos. nevertheless in my opinion it is super important to do a lot of thinking before getting a tattoo. also i personally would only get tattoos that really have a significant meaning to me.

so so far i have three tattoos from three different countries, all with a travel theme. each and every one of them  tells a unique story which i want to share with you her:


“until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly”
– unknown

WHEN: JANUARY 2017 | age 19

WHERE: TATTOO BY ROBERT | bruck/leitha, austria

STORY: i’ve had a picture of a tattoo like this on my pinterest bord foreer before eventually deciding on getting it done. since this was my first tattoo i was suuuper nervous: will i be allergic to the ink? will it hurt? will i like it once it’s done? i had hundrets of questions flying around in my head, but eventually wanting to have reminder of my biggest passion with me 24/7 was stronger than my fear. so i went to a tattoo studio in austria which was owned by the dad of one of the girls i went to kindergarten with and everything turned out really fine. i didn’t feel any pain at all plus i ended up getting the tattoo for free! so now i’ve had those two birdies with me for quite some time and they still make me feel good every single time i look at them. i’m so glad i got them!!!!

MEANING: for me these two birds symbolize freedom and are a daily reminder that i am free to travel wherever i want to, whenever i want to and to never stop exploring. just spread your wings and fly!


“live your life by a compass, not a clock.”
– stephen covey

Photo 21.05.17, 9 33 20 PM

WHEN: MAY 2017 | age 19

WHERE: ONE LOVE TATTOO | prague, czech republic

STORY: okay so this tattoo was kind of spontaneous, but also kind of not.  i knew i wanted to get that tattoo at some point, i just didn’t expect to get it on a spontaneous weekend trip to prague! so here’s what happened: two of my friends and i were just strolling through prague when we saw a random tatoo studio sign that said “walk-ins welcome“. so jokingly i suggested to go in and just get a spontaneous tattoo together since we’re really close and travel together all the time. we all had a good laugh about that and just continued exploring the city. all three of us couldn’t stop thinking about that sign though so the next day we were like “screw it, let’s just do it“. so we went back to the studio, my two friends picked out their motives (since i already knew i wanted the compass to be my next motive) and we were ready to get our tattoos. well actually we were debating wether to really do this or not for a while but in the end we all decided to do it and in the end all three of us were suuuper happy with the outcome!!! oh and by the way, because we lost track of time while getting our tattoos we almost missed our bus back home to vienna!

MEANING: for me this tattoo symbolizes that i’ll always find my way in life and that the most important thing is to always look and move forward. for me it’s also a reminder to travel as much and as far as i can, but at the same tim, no matter how far i go, i’ll always find my way back home somehow. two crossing arrows are actually a symbol of friendship which is a perfect coincidence because i’ll forever connect this tattoo with my two friends i got it with – and of course all the great adventures we’ve been on together.


“you and i share the same sky”
– john o’callaghan

Photo 18.08.17, 10 23 41 PM

WHEN: JULY 2017 | age 20

WHERE: CLOVERLAND TATTOO COMPANY | jackson, michigan, usa

STORY: as most of you probably know I did a high school exchange to michigan a few years back. besides making a ton of awesome memories during my time in the usa, i also gained a new sister aka best friend. we got along really well from day one and grew closer and closer every day since the beginning. we’ve been talking about getting a tattoo together eversince my exchange was over, but since she was only 15 and i was 17 by that time we knew we’d have to wait a little longer for that to actually happen. it also meant we had a few years to figure out what tattoo we wanted to get and really think about everything carefully. while we wanted to get the same tattoo we also decided to personalize them a little, so while mine says “you and i share the same sky”, hers says “we share the same sky”. mine is placed horizontally on my ribs while hers is vertically down the side of her body. my tattoo also features a little sun while hers has a little moon to symbolize the time difference between austria and the usa. fast forward to three years later, we were actually inside the tattoo studio, ready to set the seal on our friendship forever. while this tattoo was definitely the most painful one of all my tattoos we were there together, holding eachothers hands and being there for eachother – just like we are in real life too!

MEANING: so with this one the meaning is pretty clear i think. for my sister and i the quote is a constant reminder that no matter how far apart we are, we’re always close at heart. while we can’t say we look up to the same sun or moon because of the time difference, we still do live underneath the same sky. and knowing this makes distance at least a little less painful.

i’m super happy with all my tattoos and can’t imagine my body without them anymore. they just fit my personality, passion and who i am as a person so well. i also love about my ink is that it’s all easy to hide, so i can decide when to show it and when not to show it.

do you have any (travel) tattoos? let me know in the comments! ↓



  1. Clare Thomson says:

    I really love the tattoo with the flying birds! I don’t have any but I do like subtle tattoos with special meaning, like yours. Thanks for sharing your story on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hilary says:

    Such a nice post about friendship, travels and tattoos ! I got my tattoo when I was 18 on a visit to Portland, Oregon, and I still love it 28 years later! I love tattoos! #farawayfiles

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beatravelling says:

    I am too much of a chicken to get a tattoo :) I like them, but don’t like the pain. And if I could have them for a while, and then get rid of them – easily :) #wanderfulwednesday


  4. Sarah says:

    Loved this post and hearing your personal stories with each tattoo! They are each so special, I love the design of the second one especially, and the story behind the third one <3



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