about me

hello everyone!

my name is lisa, i’m 20 years old and  i live in beautiful vienna, austria. i’ve always loved traveling but it wasn’t until i did a high school exchange to the usa that i really got bitten by the travel bug. i love traveling more than anything, i’m constantly wanderlusting and i’m the happiest when i’m exploring new cities and countries. i currently try to travel as much and as often as i can while also being a full time college student.

if you want to learn more about me make sure to read some of the interviews i  did!

WHY TRAVEL BARBIE? during our vacation in méxico, my travel buddies and i were constantly called “barbies” by the locals. at first i didn’t like it because it felt like an insult but after finding out about the origin and meaning of the name i fell in love with it. and so travel barbie was born.

i hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired to travel and explore the world by my posts and pictures! if you have any more questions about me, my travels or this blog in general feel free to message me here. i’m always happy to hear from you. ♡